Hello! Want to know a secret?

I guess you're here because you like knitting and dyeing yarn and you want to know what sock Blank Secrets is all about. Go get a nice cup of tea/coffee/wine and I'll tell you all about it.

A few years ago I started to dye my own yarn, it was a lot of fun but not always a great success. I found that something that looked stunning as a skein could look like clown barf when knitted up. I hated pooling and I wanted more control over how the colours looked in a finished garment. I started to experiment with different dye techniques and I set up a group on Ravelry.com called The Grrreat Tiger Wool Experiment so I could share my experiments with my friends.

I'd been experimenting with homemade sock blanks and whilst browsing projects on Ravelry I had a eureka moment! I figured out if you dyed a blank in a certain way you could create perfect single row stripe when it was knitted up as a sock. No unsightly pooling, no dealing with 2 balls of yarn, no changing colours, it was genius! I took the idea further and have discovered ways of creating self patterning sock yarns, but that's not all! The techniques can be used to knit any number of garments and accessories so too!

I'm a bit of a hippy at heart so I thought I'd share my discovery and hopefully it will inspire you to go create wonderful self patterning yarn and discover your own sock blank secrets.